Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Paula & the greatest bus ride ever

I know, I know, it has been ages since I've blogged.  Something happened to me yesterday afternoon that I have to share.  Seriously, to date, I think it is the coolest thing I've been able to be a part of!

I park in the Hagood lot, which is about a 10 minute walk from my office.  It was nice out, but I was feeling lazy and wanted to read my book, so I decided to take the bus.  I got to the bus stop just as a CARTA bus was pulling away.  I started to run to the bus, hoping the driver would see me and stop.  She did!  I got on the bus.

Elizabeth Ann:  Thank you!  (sat down; almost sat back, but moved to sit up front)

Paula: You’re welcome.  It’s funny because I just had a dream about this.

EA:  What do you mean?  Can you tell me about it?

P: Well, I was driving the bus.  There was a Coca-Cola truck across the street (there was in real life) and no one was on the bus.  I got to the stop and no one was there, but then someone was running to get on and I stopped for them.  How crazy is that?

EA:  I actually just took a class on dream interpretation.

P: Oh, girl!  Interpret my dream!

EA:  Ok...I’m new at this.  But modes of transportation usually represent your life, especially your personal ministry.  Busses carry more people (because they are bigger) in the ministry.  And that’s your job.  I think you are willing to slow down and stop for other people to get on and come alongside you in ministry.

P: Amen!  Yes!  OMG.  This job is my ministry!  It really is!  I get to talk to people and love them.  And a lot of homeless people get on the bus.  And sometimes I buy them food.  And I had a boy that sells those roses tell me he was hungry and I bought him food.  And one time the Lord told me to get food and give all the money I had to this person ... there was even a $20 bill on the sidewalk and I gave it all to him and the $20.  

EA: Wow.  That is so awesome.  I love feeding homeless people, too.  I do it Sunday’s downtown.

P:  On Meeting Street?  Yes, I’ve seen you!

EA:  Yes!

(I’d gotten $10 out for something that day and I rarely have cash.)
EA:  I want you to have this $10 and use it to buy food for someone next time.

P: OMG thank you!  (Almost cried.)

(She is going through the other bus stops so we can keep talking!)

P:  Ok, I have another dream for you...I have this dream with a school of fish.  Every time I have the dream, someone in my family gets pregnant.  But, recently, I had the dream and it was different.  I was in it and I caught a fish. ... I want a baby so badly.  I’ve had four miscarriages and the last time it was so awful, so painful, I literally wanted to die.  And the Lord is so good because within that week I found a stray dog.  I’m a nurturer and I took him home.  He was really thin and sick and I nursed him to health.  That was two years ago and we still have Chaz!

EA: I love that.  Ok, here’s what I think your dream means.  For you personally, in your dreams, fish represent babies - so I think you will get a baby, but differently than your family.  AND you got the dog!  (Meaning it could be a dog and not an actual baby.)  

EA: Do you still want a baby?

P: Yes!

EA:  Can I pray for you?

P: Yes!
EA: I believe the Lord can heal you of infertility.  One of my best friends (Rennie) was healed after 10 years!  He can do it!  Prayed that she would be healed of infertility and the Lord would bless her with a baby.

P: Thank you!  You have a calling on your life!  You’re anointed!  I could feel that!  You have the gift of healing, don’t you?

EA: Thank you!  Yes, I think that is part of my gifting.

P: Ok, I have something else to tell you, but I’m going to pull over and get out of the bus.  

EA: Ok.  Haha.

P:  One reason I want a baby so badly is because there are a lot of generational curses and sin in my family.  And I really believe they will stop with this baby.

EA: You know, Paula, those things can stop with YOU.

P:  (Eyes big as saucers) Really?

EA: Yes!  What kind of curses?

P:  People have been after my family.  A lot of witchcraft.  And I was molested by an uncle.  And I was molested by my brother.  And then he molested my cousin.  And my mom didn’t listen and she wouldn’t get a babysitter but left me alone with them.  But the Lord is so good!  One time three men came in and were going to attack me BUT they didn’t lay a hand on me.  And so much of my life I have been alone, but the Lord has been with me!  And my mother in law doesn’t want us to have a baby even though we’ve been married 18 years.  She lived with us for 2 years and I caught her putting stuff in my food to try to prevent me from having a baby {I, Elizabeth Ann, think some kind of black magic.} And it broke my heart; I worked through it and forgave her but it hurt me a lot.  And I used to hear from the holy spirit all the time, but haven’t in a long time.  And I have been going to a fertility specialist; I’m 45, but have the reproductive system of someone in her 20’s.  The doctors are shocked and all of my tests came back great.  In fact, I went to the IVF doctor today and he said everything looked really good!  Hopefully I can get pregnant (via IVF) next month.  So that makes sense that my family gets pregnant one way and I may get pregnant this way.

EA: Ok, let’s pray!  Prayed that she would be filled and anointed with the Holy Spirit.  That generational curses would be broken and cut off!  (She could feel it break and body jerked/made a sound when I prayed that.)  Prayed that the curses would be replaced with God’s truth.  That wounds from childhood would be healed.  That she would know she is royalty.  That the Lord would make ways in the wilderness, streams in the desert, and restore her to the ways of her youth.  That she would be blessed with a baby!  That her marriage would be blessed!  That I would see her again and she’d have a baby.

P: Thank you! I could feel it!  My heart feels better!  And the enemy didn’t want us to meet.  He didn’t want me to pick you up.  But I did.  We were supposed to meet!

EA: OMG I’m so glad we did!  This was the best bus ride ever.

ELATED!  FILLED WITH JOY!  Many hugs.  She was crying.

I had to share this because that is the wonder and beauty of the God I serve.  Frankly, I needed this encounter as much as she did.  So blessed!