Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Small Update

My roommate, Marifrasier has been in Kansas City, as a travel nurse, for the past four months.  She came back late Sunday night and I saw her yesterday for the first time.  It has been fun catching up and getting reacquainted sharing the house with another.  Of course, she's been here for no time and the house is all Christmas'd out, the nick nacks have been rearranged, and the fridge has a lot more food.

Welcome home, Fras!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chicken Parmesan

I made a version of chicken parmesan and it was so delicious!  It typically involves pan frying the chicken in breadcrumbs, but I decided to pan sear the chicken instead.  I first tossed some of my favorite seasoning on a chicken breast.

Then I seared the chicken in a cast iron skillet on the stove.  Then transfer it to an oven-proof dish.

When I was in Spartanburg a few weeks ago, Gmomma gave me a few goodies.  This pasta sauce was one of them.  Y'all, it is SO yummy!  Perhaps it is the vodka?  Haha!

Then cover the chicken with it.

Then add a layer of cheese.  I used an Italian blend.  

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  It was delicious!

 I ate it with some leftover savory mashed sweet potatoes.  It was a great meal!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mary Alice and Steven get hitched: Saturday & Sunday

I woke up at 6:15 Saturday morning and couldn't go back to sleep; blerg.  Mary Anne woke up a few hours later.  Maggie awoke and came to play in our room.  Soon, Courtney and Shannon followed.  It was fun to sit around and watch the Food Network and such.  Mary Anne and I got showered, packed, and dressed to head to Winder for the day.

At some point, I called the hotel lobby to see if they offered free breakfast.

Bobbi: Hilton Garden Inn, this is Bobbi.
Me: Hi Bobbi.  I was calling to see what your breakfast options are.
Bobbi: Ok.  ...................................................................  What did you want to know?
Me: Well, do you have a continental breakfast?  A buffet?

She then proceeded to tell me about the breakfast options.  Like I said, they don't have the sharpest tools running their show.

Brooke, Mary Anne, and I headed to Susie's house at 11 am to start getting ready.  We all got our hair did.  Some of us were pickier than others.  Maybe one of us had to get it done twice.  Maybe that someone was me?  But we all looked great.  Then we got our make up done.  I'd never had make up professionally applied and I have to say: I loved it.  The girl was great and really fun and did a fantastic job.  We all looked quite pretty, but Mary Alice looked absolutely stunning.  Such a gorgeous bride!  And with the bobby pins and hairspray, and high pigment make up, we looked good until the wee hours of the morning.

Susie's garage is carpeted with indoor/outdoor carpeting so she can park her car in it and also use it for entertaining.  Such a cool idea!  She had some ficus trees in there w/ white lights and has a fancy space heater awesome fireplace thing in there as well.  She had round tables and chairs set up, flowers on the table, and a spread of food.  Fruit trays, brocoli coleslaw/salad, other goodies, and yummy chicken fingers.  When tasting her first chicken finger,

Mary Anne: These are really good!  I wonder where they are from?  Maybe Publix?!
Mary Alice (from another room): THEY WERE CATERED!

Note: some things, like Mary Alice's crazy good hearing, never change.

We all headed to the church at 2:00 to change clothes and start taking pictures.  Robert hired a limo for Mary Alice all day -- so she traveled to the church in style!  Y'all, I told you the weekend was emotional for me, but when I saw Mary Alice put on her wedding dress, my eyes reflected how gorgeous she looked.  I don't think I've ever cried seeing a bride before?  The flowers in the church were beautiful.  McGinnis snapped tons of photos of all of us with Mary Alice and then we headed back to the parlor to hang out while the men hung out with McGinnis. 
We wore chocolate brown dresses.  Strapless, low backed, a few covered buttons, floor legnth, flaired a smidge.  Really pretty.  We carried an asortment of white flowers -- from roses to hydrangeas, and lots of things in between.  Mary Alice really picked out some good stuff!  My shoes were pretty high and too big.  So I was a bit nervous about walking down the aisle in them, but I made it!

The ceremony was short and sweet.  I kept my cool and didn't cry then.  Wayne did an awesome job of walking Mary Alice down the aisle and keeping his cool.  Y'all, he even had these fancy pants tux shoes.  They're actually called a "pump" and only he can pull them off!  After the ceremony, guests flooded out to head to Athens.  We hung around for some more quality time with McGinnis and then did the same.  Mary Alice and Steven rode to Athens in a stylish old Rolls Royce.

Upon entering the Athens Country Club, we were greated by Maggie, Courtney, and Shannon.  I headed to the bar for a vodka martini and found some friends to see.  We hung out for a bit until we were seated for supper.  We started off with a delicious salad of spinach, bacon, goat cheese, orange, and a balsamic reduction.  Bread and butter were on the table.  During the salad course, the bar shut down and wine was served to you at your table.  Mary Alice and Steven danced; they also had a mini table for two in the center of the ballroom.  Then later on Mary Alice and Wayne danced.  So sweet to watch!

Y'all, the ballroom looked incredible.  Tables to seet the just shy of 300 of us.  White table cloths.  Fully set tablesettins.  Beautiful center peices -- some tables had these awesome super tall vases with gorgeous white flowers and others had low set flowers.  It looked like a fairytale wedding.

At some point, Mary Anne and I (who were at the same table) decided it would be worth a shot to see if the bar would give us another cocktail before the main course was served.  So we darted out of the ballroom, where we spotted Robert.  He wanted to join us on the cocktail hunt.  We finally found some help and they (very reluctantly) made us a few drinks.  More than the drink, the adventure was super fun!

Heading back into the ballroom, I stopped by Mary Alice and Steven's table.  They were playing our song.  That's right.  Back in college, Mary Alice and I decided that when we got married, we would have a special song played just for us.  And she followed through!  It was so fun to be dancing with the bride all alone on the dance floor!  Thanks, MAP!  Such a special treat!

Afer that, we sat back down for the main course.  Filet cooked perfectly: medium rare.  A piece of chicken that was marinated really well, was super moist and delicious.  Potatoes au gratin.  Fresh green beans.  And some things like beets that I steared clear of.  Mary Anne and I moseyed over to our friends at another table and sat with them when the cake was served.  I missed seeing it whole/being cut.  But it was so good!  Light cake, with super delicious icing and a layer of fresh strawberries in it! 

After the food was cleared, the party got started.  The bars re-opened and people hit the dance floor.  I should have mentioned that the band consisted of three middle aged white men.  Upon seeing them, I wasn't sure how much soul they had.  But they proved me wrong!  During the meal, they sang fun oldies songs that were low key.  But after the meal, they pumped up the volume and played all your favorites to dance to so you could really shake your tail feathers.   I think I've said it on here before, but I LOVE to dance!  I was on the floor as much as I could be. 
It would be hard to pick a favorite dance partner, so I'll give a couple.  In the 50 and under category: Andrew, Brad, and Weston.  Andrew spun me around in the air and I was glad to be wearing underpants.  Brad was a new partner that was fun and silly on the dance floor.  Weston, a seasoned partner of mine, even said, "EA.  I think that was our best.  Ever."  In the over 50 crowd, I have to go with Robert and Wayne.  Wayne may or may not have picked me up in straddle formation?  Either way, he rocked it.  I think it was his fancy shoes. 
We saw the new Lathems off in style, as they headed to ATL in the Rolls.  Mary Alice donned a suit which only she could do.  They stayed in ATL that night before heading to St. Lucia.  I can't wait to hear all about it!

We were going to take the limo out.  Maggie and I had high hopes for this and probably would have waived through the sunroof, but logistically it worked out better to ride in regular cars back to the hotel.  We changed and headed out.  We went to Allgood(s) and had a lovely time until it was time for our 4th meal.  To the Grille we headed.  Y'all they had an awesome chocolate milkshake.  Some of us headed home right after this; some of us stayed out a bit longer.  PS -- did you know ALL bars in Athens close at 2 pm?  No exceptions.  I headed in just shy of 3 am and tried to sway Courtney to hang out; she wasn't up for it.  I took out all the bobby pins and scrubbed my face.  My head hit the pillow around 3:15.  Where it would remain...until 6:30ish when I awoke and couldn't go back to sleep.  What is up with that this weekend?  I can't get up that early for work! 

Sunday morning the gang piled in our room again.  We are so fun!  Shannon and Courtney had to leave early.  Maggie, Mary Anne, and I joined up with a few buds to hit up the Waffle House for brunch.  Can I tell you that Diet Coke with vanilla, a patty melt, and hashbrowns, covered have never tasted so good.  Oh, how I love the WaHo!  Mary Anne and I then headed back to SC.  We took the scenic route home and it was lovely this time of year.  
All in all, it was one hell of a weekend.  Mary Alice and Steven, thanks for getting married!  You sure know how to do it in style and great fun!  It was so good to be with you all this weekned and feel like we really got good time together.  B5, you know I love you.  Mary Alice's family and close friends, thanks for making us feel so welcome.  I should also mention that I made a new friend this weekend: Leigh Barrow, you're awesome!

Looking forward to McGinnis putting the photos online and waiting in anticipation until another B5'er is ready to get hitched!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


to Brooke & Josh who videotaped lots of the wedding festivities, you can watch B5 give our toast here!

Mary Alice and Steven get hitched: Friday

Friday morning Mary Anne, Susie, Liz, and I ate a simple breakfast and chatted about the past evening and upcoming events.  Mary Anne and I got ready to head to the bridal luncheon and then headed to the Athens Country Club.  We were greeted with mimosas and mingled with the other bridesmaids and Mary Alice's aunts, etc.  There were a total of 15 of us and I loved the intimacy of a smaller crowd.  We were served a beautiful and delicious lunch: two crepes stuffed with chicken, mushrooms, and a creamy wine sauce, with a side of asparagus.  

Here's the thing.  It's not that I'm not a cryer in tender moments, but weddings and wedding related things aren't what get me.  I've never cried at a wedding because of the wedding (I've cried at 3 weddings but about things non-related to the wedding at all).  So I never in a million years thought I'd lose my cool at the bridal luncheon.  Well, I did!  Mary Alice said the sweetest things about everyone there as she handed us our presents.  She was personal and heart felt and I lost it.  Even before she spoke to me...and when she spoke to me, well, I was a mess.  So tender!

Susie wrote Mary Alice a poem when we graduated from Presbyterian College: MAP's journey.  She wrote and read another poem at the luncheon: MAP's journey 2.  I laughed and obviously I cried.  It was great.  

Y'all, Mary Alice was way too good to us for bridesmaid gifts.  We each received some brown flip flops to wear to the reception, a super cute brown scarf with our monogram in white, a beautiful monogrammed silver jewelry box, and inside were a pair of pearl earrings and a matching pearl necklace to wear to the wedding.  Too much!  But I loved it all!  Thanks, Mary Alice!

Before we headed out, we took pictures.  No, not with personal digi cams, from McGinnis, Mary Alice's wedding photographer.  He is by far the most professional and hardcore wedding photographer I've ever met or been around.  He learned all of the wedding party's names prior to meeting us, so without introduction, you'd hear something like, "Elizabeth Ann, stand up tall.  Tilt to the right.  Ok.  Perfect."  He was with us from the bridal luncheon on -- for the entire wedding.  To my knowledge, he's a straight man, but he knows more about women than I ever will -- including how to best do your hair, make up, put on a corsage, and how to stand for the best angle.  He will only include you in a picture if you look good!  Love that!  At first, I found him a smidge bossy, but by the end of the weekend we were good pals.  Especially when he put down the camera for a second and asked me for a quick dance!  I cannot wait to see his photos!  There should be a few thousand! 
After the luncheon, we headed to the Hilton Garden Inn.  Let me say a few kind words about this hotel: it is in a great location in downtown Athens, it is clean, the rooms are nice, the beds are comfortable, and the complementary hot tea was delish!  The downside to this hotel: the service.  They didn't understand that our rooms had been paid for.  A quick conversation or phone call?  Not so much.  An hour later, including a form faxed, signed, and returned by the bride (because that is what you want to do on your weddign weekend), they finally understood what Brooke, Mary Anne, and I had been explaining over and over and over again.  At one point Brooke said, "Aren't y'all in the hospitality business?!"  Hahahaha.  But that was the only hiccup of the weekend! 

Mary Anne and I were glad to unpack in our room and get a bit of rest.  We had about an hour until we needed to leave for the rehearsal and dinner.  Maggie was at the hotel (yay!) and came to play with us in our room as we got ready.  A quick shower and change of clothes later and we were on the road again to Winder. 

At the church, we finally met Mrs. Debra Lassiter, the wedding planner.  Homegirl was super on top of things and yet very friendly and upbeat at the same time.  The rehearsal went smooth and wasn't too long, which is a major plus.  Then we headed over to the rehearsal dinner.  I don't remember the name of the venue, but it was a beautiful and large old home that was recently renovated.  We had a large room.  Steven's family decorated the place really well with a UGA theme (Steven is a HUGE fan!).  We had a delicious meal of catered BBQ pork, along with yummy chicken, hash, baked beans, cole slaw, and roles.  Of course, I ate like a rock star.  When we had the cake at the end of the evening, I was in heaven: best icing ever!

A few interesting things to note from the dinner.  One.  Alcohol cannot be served in public in Winder unless a cop is present.  One cop per hundred guests.  No bottle of wine was opened, nor was a beer cap removed until the cop arrived.  Two.  The caterer was serious about his BBQ.  Whilst in the food line, about five us noticed (all at once, mind you), that the server (and chef) was balling up the BBQ meat.  I'm sure this description won't do it justice, but y'all, the best way I can sum it up is this: it was as if he was making love to the BBQ.  He dove in with his glove clad hands and picked out a bunch of meat.  Then, he lovingly and tenderly molded the meat into a ball.  Uncovered it and asked if the amount was ok.  If yes, he gently placed it on your plate and then pushed the ball so that the meat would all fall apart on your plate.  So bizarre!  But, ball or not, it was some damn good BBQ.

I'm just to be honest for a minute.  I think my group of girls is super fun and often tends to be the life of the party.  Thankfully, we were all seated together at the rehearsal dinner.  The Vickerys (Brooke and Josh), along with our new friend, Brad, made our table complete and lively.  Brad would turn out to be our male buddy for the weekend.  We laughed uncontrollably as we told lots of awesome favorites included fondant and black icing babies.  We stole BBQ sauce.  We discussed the 25 minute video (which was awesome, thanks to Josh!).  We reminisced over eyeglasses worn by others. 

The toasts began after supper.  Mary Anne and I each gave a sweet toast and then all of B5 gave the toast of the century.  Shannon introduced us and did a flawless job of making it appear that we were about to get serious on the crowd.  Then we busted out with a rap/poem to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire:
Now this is a story all about how
Mary Alice is our first, to say her vows.

We’d like to take a minute to start at the beginning
Where it all went down at the College of Presbyterian 

In the small town of Clinton where our friendship began
in townhouse b5 singing hey ya and gettin'  tan

Readin’ studyin’ stressin’ for school
Punchin’ numbers in a calculator; Malice thought she was cool

Instead we chose to play, drinkin’ and eatin’ grilled cheese
Workin’ unicorn puzzles while watchin’ the OC

She danced on one little stage & we all got scared
The flip flops were for sure a goner, not that anyone cared

Malice rocked tapered leg jeans, like only a mom could
Until Christmas ‘04, when she came back with the goods

Walked in the door, jeans longer and leaner
Noted the fancy nails as she locked her beamer

Every summer we reunited in B5 fashion
Malice told us about a boy for whom she had a passion

Here’s to Steven and Malice, let’s toast to their new life
To sit on their throne as husband and wife!

B5, sans Mary Alice, headed out for a beer or two in Athens.  After trapsing around a bit, we settled on Cutters.  A bar that we'd all been to together once upon a time ago.  One Bud Light and a Diet Coke later, I was ready to head home.  Luckily the other gals were, too.  Of course we decided to pile in one hotel room together and order a pizza.  Dear Papa Johns, that pepperoni pizza you delivered to our room was nothing short of glorious.  Two slices later, I was stuffed and ready for bed.  I walked back to my room at 1:18 am, tired, full, thankful for a fun day, and excited about tomorrow.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mary Alice and Steven get hitched: Thursday

 I left work at 2:30 this past Thursday and met Mary Anne in Lexington.  I dropped my car off, loaded the oodles of things I had packed into her car and climbed in for a wild ride.  I'm fairly well known for being a less than stellar driver.  Though Mary Anne doesn't carry that same title with her usually, you wouldn't have known it on that drive.  (Love you, MAP!)  But we arrived alive!   We had a fun time chatting and catching up.  At one point we were discussing what we might be having for supper when we arrived in Winder, GA.
Me: Maybe chili?  Because its something you can make and then keep on the stove.
Mary Anne:  Yeah.....but.  I don't eat chili.
Thankfully mom sent me with some snacks for the car ride, including brownies.  Somehow I had 4 on the way?!
We arrived in Winder around 8:30 pm and headed to Wayne's house (Mary Alice's dad).  We were warmly hugged by the cast of characters gathered in his home: Mary Alice and Steven, Wayne, Susie (Mary Alice's mom), Beverly (Wayne's gf), Robert and Carol (Wayne's best friends), and Brooke.  Liz, Susie's best friend came later.  They are all lovely people that would quickly become some of my favorite people to have a good time with.
Wayne had a lovely spread with fancy cheeses and crackers and some tasty little desserts.  While it wasn't chili, there was a big pot of taco soup.  Let me tell you, it was delicious!  Beverly made margaritas and they were super delicious.  After a while of being silly and laughing and chatting, Mary Anne and I headed to Susie's home, where we would be spending the night.
Once upon a time, Mary Alice, Courtney, and I joined Susie her hot tub.  Ever since then, I'd been waiting to relive the experience.  Thursday night was the night!  Mary Anne headed to bed, but Susie and I donned our swimsuits and stayed in the hot tub until we were prunes.  Liz sat right outside the tub.  The three of us had an absolute ball and stayed up until 2 am!  Such a fun time! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Heading to the Peach State

So excited!  I'm heading to Winder/Athens, Georgia for the weekend!  Mary Anne and I are meeting in Columbia Thursday afternoon to head to the Peach State to celebrate Mary Alice and Steven! 


Do you remember wearing scrunchies in middle school?  I do.  I loved them.  I think the key words here are middle school.  Meaning, they wore out their welcome after the early to mid 90's.  Or, so I thought.  Sadly, I've seen a reappearance of these little guys around town lately.  Is it true?  Are scrunchies making a comeback?  I surely hope not!  A simple and discrete hair rubber band does the trick.

I'm reminded of when Carrie was dating Burger on Sex in the City.  She read his book and her only critique was that New York women don't wear scrunchies.  Oh Carrie, how I love your style.  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I purchased these a few weeks ago and started wearing them.  I never really thought I would be into booties, but I have to say: I love them! 

Funniest part?  I bought them one Sunday afternoon.  Later I was talking to Courtney who was also shsopping.  She said, "just found some shoes you'd like." And described them.  My response, "yeah I bought those about 30 minutes ago!"  Hahahaha.  Guess she knows me (and my footwear preferences) well?!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Yesterday I realized there must be something gross in the kitchen trashcan because it smelled funky.  So I took the bag outside.  Yep, something had fallen out of the bag and molded.  Gross.  I removed that and poured some bleach in the trashcan to clean it out.  I washed the top to the can and re-assembled it for use.  While this was all going on, I decided to clean out the pantry and set that trash bag outside as well -- since it will get taken away Tuesday morning. 
Of course I walk outside this morning and realize that some critter has torn one of the bags open.  In several places.  Ugh!  Something fun for me to take of when I get home tonight.  Sometimes my life is the mirror image of a fairytale.  Pretty sure Disney will want to make a movie about me soon...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A different Sunday

My small group at church meets Sunday mornings before church.  This is convenient so that I don't have to drive to Mt. Pleasant another time.  However, since I'm out of town sometimes I don't always get to go...hence, I really try to go when I'm in town.  I really like my group -- there are a lot of young women, some ladies in there late late 30's/mid 40's, and a hip older gal in her 60's probably.  

I got an email this week saying we'd be meeting at a member's home to hang out and do some flower arrangements for something the church needed.  To the hip older gal's I headed this morning.  Y'all she lives in a great home!  A cottage really.  Think: the English cottage in The Holiday. 

There were only 4 of us.  One.  I loved doing the floral arrangements.  I would never consider myself to be creative, but I really liked arranging the flowers and making use of flowers, greenery, etc. to create something pleasing to the eye.  Two.  I loved chatting with these gals and asking them questions about their faith and some things I've been curious about.  I really hadn't had a chance to do this since my days of sitting in Marshall Foster's living room in Columbia (and I miss her!  and those conversations!).  I had such a ball, that I didn't even walk down to church.  Oops?!  But you know what, I think God met me where I was...and for that I am so glad!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Is the Bible...

...Intolerant? Sexist? Oppressive? Homophobic? Outdated? Irrelevant?
This book was written by Amy Orr-Ewing; she spoke at my church sometime last winter.  I'm not used to hearing a woman preach on Sunday mornings, but she was SO good!  She works with Ravi Zacharias, for his international ministry.  Immediately, I could tell that she was passionate for Lord and highly intelligent.  Two things I'm attracted to.  I heard about this book and decided to give it a whirl.  I read it this week and loved it.
Side note: I found it on Amazon for a $4 with shiping.  Not too shabby!  Perfect condition no less.
It is a short book.  Easy to read.  Very informative.  Check it out:
Some quotes I love:
When it comes to the Bible, there are over five thousand hand written manuscripts in the Greek language in support of the New Testament alone that help us ensure the accuracy of its writings.  Many of the earliest copies are seperated from the originals not by fourteen hundred years, but only by twenty five to fifty years (40).
It is striking for us to remember that the word of women was perceived as having less value than that of men.  It is therefore enormously important that the most significant events of Jesus' death and resurrection were witnessed at first hand primarily by women (89).
Many of our inclinations may try to lead us away from God's standard, but this does not mean that the teaching of the Bible changes (122).

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I've been in a bit of a blogging lull lately.  I've been busy and the blog is feeling the brunt.  Here's a bit of a re-cap from my past week:

Last weekend, I headed to Spartanburg to celebrate Courtney's 28th birthday.  Friday night we ate at Cook Out.  My NC family has been raving about it for years and I was jazzed to give it a try.  I loved it!  Now, I knew that Krissie would be surprising Courtney for her birthday and was super excited!  I was hoping that Krissie would leave Raleigh around 4-4:30 and hit up the Burg around 3.5 hours later.  Unfortunately, she wasn't able to head out until 8ish.  Add in some road construction and she reached Courtney's at 12:15.

Picture Courtney brushing her teeth and ready for bed.  Me trying to talk her into watching more TV.  Me texting Krissie to get her little ass there ASAP.  Courtney heads to lock the front door.  She hears a knock.  She grabs Sullivan and heads away from the door as she hollers, "EA come here!  Someone's at the door!"

Naturally, me and my tiny, ineffectual fists would be the one to fight off a killer.  Hahahaha.  She was quite relieved to know it was Krissie!  A fun surprise!

We had a birthday party for her that night.  It was great fun to see Sara Margaret and Matthew, Rachel and Stuart, Jenn and Ryan, and lots of others!  Such a fun weekend with good friends...I didn't want to leave.  So much so, that I put it off until 7:30 and got home at 10:30 = too late.  But worth it.

On another note, Courtney and I taught Krissie how to take her hair from drab to fab with the help of a hair straightener.  We even helped her pick one out at the store.  Pending cooperation from Krissie, before and after pictures may follow!

I accompanied a friend as she purchased a new car one night this week.

I had the day off today to celebrate Veterans.  Mom and I drove to Savannah to see Grammy.  We went to lunch at their old favorite, Carey Hilliards.  Their onion rings are supreme; it is also a mecca for the elderly.  Hahaha.  At one point, mom started to drive down the wrong side of a highway.  She claims that has never happened I know where my stellar driving skills come from.  It was great to see Grammy and nice to have the day off.

On the way home, we stopped off at Sam's.  We saw Aimee's mom and Grandma!  Fun and random.

I also read a book this week and will share more later...

I think that's all.  Still ready for the summer!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's November and it is getting colder.  I even had to wear a coat to work yesterday.  A native of the Lowcountry, I am a summer time girl.  I'm already ready for the summer and dreaming of scenes like these:

Beaches, boats bathing suits...I'm longing for you!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

I ended up eating a (delicious) meal at Jane Harper's house last night, which meant I couldn't hand out candy to the trick or treaters in my hood.  My neighborhood goes ALL OUT and so I felt a bit lame leaving a bowl of snickers on the porch with a "take one" sign.   Some things I learned last night:

  1. There were Snickers left in the bowl.  Kids were well behaved and only took one!  Sadly, it looks like I will be eating all of the leftover Snickers.
  2. I am way out of touch with kids characters these days.  I didn't know what half of their costumes are.
  3. If you have an iPhone, you're too old to be trick or treating.