Friday, January 29, 2010

National Lampoon's Spring Break Trip: Part 3 - The Activities

After our first day in Orlando we met up with some good friends, Sara Margaret and Sara McCue for supper. Of course we had a few hiccups on the way to supper. One. We realized that every time we drove the Accord above 60 MPH, the roof made a terrible noise. The car ride is made more enjoyable by all of the many toll stops we come to. At some point, while waiting in line to pay the toll, a kind gentleman in the car next to us tells us that our Turtle car carrier is lifting up and air gets between the Turtle and the roof and hence the noise that we hear. Ugh...what shall we do? Well around this time we also realize that we have gone the wrong direction to meet our friends and of course the next place to turn around is 15 miles up the road. Cool. The plus to this is that there happens to be mechanic station at this rest stop (and of course lots of folks selling Indian River Fruit -- by the way, what is that?!?). Aimee is a trooper and finds a mechanic to help us with our Turtle. It is quite embarrassing explaining that you're a group of college girls on Spring Break with a Turtle car carrier. They took the spare tire and put it in the Turtle. Wow, we are cool.

We finally make it to the correct area where we are meeting our friends and Krissie spots a mall. She needed some more Clinique and with some time to kill, we run in the store. Courtney and Aimee chillax in the car. After KB gets her stuff, she and I realize that we have no idea where Anette is. Then we realize we have no idea what Anette's last name is. We fear having to page her "Anette from Finland, please meet your "friends" by the Clinique counter." After a few minutes of discussing this/laughing at our situation/once again laughing at this trip, we spot Anette, head to the car, and head to supper. I think we ate at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville or something quite similar. We sat outside, enjoyed our friends, and good food. I may or may not have started dancing with a random gentleman.

The day of the fight we drove to the beach to celebrate my birthday. Going to the beach and laying out all day there (or at a pool) is basically second nature for Courtney and myself. In fact, we're looking for jobs where we can get paid to get tan and soak up the sun all day long. Please let me know if you're hiring. I digress... While we love it, the other members of our party did not. Aimee is quite the trooper, and despite her lack of love for laying out and fair skin, she toughed it out pretty well. Krissie wanted to play frisbee and apparently wanted us to be boys (again, see the fight). Also, even though she is super pale she adimately tells us that she doesn't burn and hence refuses to wear sunscreen. A few hours later, I adimately tell her, that yes, she does burn and her red skin is all the proof I need. (We still have this fight from time to time and it never ceases to amuse me.) But if Aimee and Krissie are fair skinned, Anette is a ghost. There is not enough SPF to protect her Finnish skin. Even though she put on the highest SPF known to man, to say that she looked like a lobster was an understatement.

The next day was Aimee's birthday (Yes, we are only a day apart. I'd like to say I'm the older and wiser one, but I don't think that's true. Haha.) Her cousin's friend worked at Disney World and could get all of us free passes to Disney -- the park hopper pass so you can do all 4 parks AND this pass that lets you get to the front of the lines at rides. It was awesome! Now if you had one day to do all 4 Disney Parks, how would you get that done? As it turns out, not everyone would do it the same way. Aimee and I thought that we should pick 2 rides at each park, do them, and soak up as many little things as we could in between, then hurry to the next park to fit them all in. Krissie and Anette thought you should take it nice and slow and absorb as much of Disney as you can, taking lots of picutes and the likes. So picture this: Aimee and I literally running around to go from place to place, Krissie and Anette litterally shuffling 10 feet behind us, and Courtney in the middle being the peace keeper. She's basically the Disney World peace keeper.

Anette loved all American trinkets and purchased several bags of Disney pens, shirts, socks, etc...basically anything with "Disney" on it or a Disney character. She couldn't understand why we weren't buying this stuff. Hilarious. She also loved taking pictures of us near signs and things and having us take her picture next to those same signs. My favorite ride was definitely the Rock and Roll rollercoaster. And I think riding Space Mountain was a personal triumph for me because the other time I rode it, I was 6 and cried the entire time. We finished up at Epcot for the fireworks show. And on our way out of the park that night we all kinda apologized to Anette for being caddy and fighting off and on with each other the whole day. It had to have made her feel awkward, right? Apparently it didn't. Her response to our apology, "Ah. No! This has been the best day of my whole life."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

National Lampoon's Spring Break Trip: Part 2 - The Car Ride

The 5 of us met in Aiken to depart on this journey. Aimee and I did not have cars our first two years of college. Anette did not bring a car from Finland. Krissie had a car that wasn't equipped to travel more than 2 hours. That left us with Courtney's Honda Civic. Her mom graciously switched cars with Courtney for the week and lent us her Honda Accord, in order for us to have more room. We filled the trunk to the brim and then loaded the rest of our goodies in a Turtle car carrier. We were quite the motley crew. To date, we're the only college kids I know that have used a Turtle car carrier.

Some of us were not in excellent moods. No names have to be mentioned, but I will say that this made for a LONG drive down to Orlando. The most positive memories of the trip revolve around music and food. We listened to every kind of music you can imagine on the trip down there: classic rock, pop, Christian, rap, endless numbers of mixes, and even Ace of Base to make Anette feel a bit more welcome. We were also loaded up with snacks for the long ride down there and most likely gained several pounds from the trip alone.

Anette was basically mute the entire trip, with the exception of laughing every time we said the phrase "Turtle car carrier" and "yeah, I could try that" when we offered her a snack that was new to her Finnish eyes. Homegirl was like a toothpick and devoured gummy worms, M&M's, Skittels, chips, etc. with us like the big girls that we were. Then she proceeded to tell us that Americans ate much more unhealthy than her people. You think? And no American cultural experience would be complete without stopping at fine eating establishments like Crystal Burger. No, I'm not kidding and yes, it was delicious.

I think Aiken to Orlando is about a 7 hour trip. Add in stops for gas and meals, we figured it would take us 8-9 hours. Not terrible. Well after many, many hours in the car, we hit a traffic jam. Now, keep in mind that some trip members were still acting a tiny bit unpleasant. And some trip members were becoming increasingly ancy and hyper. Yes, I'll be honest, I was in the latter category. Back to the traffic jam...we are just sitting still. Going nowhere.

Aimee and I had to go to the bathroom and so naturally we get out of the car to find somewhere to use a bathroom. We are literally walking down the highway looking for somewhere to potty. Of course we see this posh travel bus, and knock on the door. We ask them if we can use their restroom; we are shot down. Can you imagine?!? Eventually, we walk down the embankment and relieve ourselves. On the way back to the car, we see something more ridiculous than our Turtle car carrier. We see a van with a 50 gallon trash can fastened to the top of it, via twine rope, and has their junk piled in it. Yes, that's right, folks, these people made their own Turtle car carrier. When we eventually made it back to our car, our friends were less than thrilled that we'd been wondering down the highway making buddies. (I guess it was pretty unsafe. Oops!)

We eventually get moving again and a few hours later, we are get really close to Grandpa's house. We are tired and ready for bed and looking forward to entering the mecca that is the resort we are staying in for the week. We pass a billboard which prompts this conversation:

Courtney: Summit Acres, huh? G'momma and G'daddy almost moved to one of those Summit neighborhoods in Spartanburg, but they didn't. Instead they added on to their house and call that the "Summit room."
(Aimee starts laughing quietly and then the laughter becomes uncontrollable.)
Courtney: Aimee, what are you laughing at?
Aimee: Well, that's where we're staying.
Courtney, Krissie, EA: What?!?!
Aimee: Yeah, I told you that. Right?
Courtney, Krissie, EA: Nope!
Aimee: Yeah, that's where Grandpa lives. I thought I told you guys that...

Everyone erupts in laughter.

I think to myself: Awesome. This trip keeps getting better and better...

Now laughing and perplexed, we pull into the old folks' complex and try to get our guest pass. We let the guy know that we are guests of John and Jean. The guy tells us there are no people living there named "John and Jean, but there are Jack and Jill." WTF? We take the guest pass and get going. Even more perplexed than we rolled into Summit Acres.

We FINALLY arrive to the house and are unloading the car. The story I'm about to tell you makes me laugh just thinking about it and I hope I do it justice.

We set up a system to unpack the car AND the Turtle car carrier. Courtney was unloading the goods, handing them to me, and I'd pass them off to Krissie, Aimee, and Anette to take them inside. It was going quite smoothly in the beginning. However, Courtney suddenly gets a bit frustrated. She starts pulling out black trash bags taped up from the car carrier and is quite verbose about how she isn't a fan of Aimee packing in these.

Courtney: Geeze. Why in the hell would Aimee pack in trash bags?
EA: (While laughing so hard I may or may not have tinkled a bit.) Court...
Courtney: I mean, its fine if she doesn't have Vera Bradley...
EA: Court...
Courtney: But there is NO reason for this.
EA: Court...stop! (Still laughing so that I can barely breathe.)
Courtney: EA, I'm serious. This is ridiculous.
Courtney: What? Oh, shit.
EA: Yeah, those are HER bags...
Courtney: Damn it!

Apparently Anette has thick skin.

We get settled for bed. Courtney and I on the pull out sofa in the den. All the privacy one could ask for via a Japanese screen. Krissie, Anette, and Aimee were in the guest room. After our travels a good night's sleep was more than welcomed!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

National Lampoon's Spring Break Trip: Part 1 - The Decision

Yesterday's post got me thinking about the infamous Spring Break trip of 2003 and I've decided to do a short series of posts documenting this trip. Hope you enjoy!

Freshman year, my HLP and I did the cool and normal college thing for spring break: a week in a condo with 8 of our closest friends in Destin, Florida. Sophomore year we opted to do something different, yet equally as fun and exciting.

We decided to drive up North with our best friends, Krissie and Aimee. Aimee's grandmother has an apartment and a houseboat in New Jersey. So the plan was for us to stay at one of those places for free and head into the Big Apple for a day and a night. See a play, shop, eat awesome food, etc. We were all pretty stoked.

One day I spotted Aimee on campus and she was with a girl I've never seen before.

EA: Hey Aimee!
Aimee: Hey EA! This is Anette. She's an exchange student from Finland and is going to go to Aiken with us for the weekend [another story] and also go on our spring break trip with us. She'll ride with us and hang out with us some and then stay with her friends in NYC.
EA: Ok...

I go back to my dorm room and honestly, I was kinda pissed. I felt that a decision like that deserved a conversation prior to the decision to bring Anette on our week-long trip with us. However, Aimee has always been the nicer one and so in her mind: why not extend an invitation to Anette? I (eventually) got over it and realized this trip was also going to be a cultural experience. How bad could that be?

Now the winter was especially harsh that year and NJ/NY were having a rough go at it. So Aimee's mom talks to her and suggests that rather than going to see Grandma in NJ, we should go see her Grandpa in Florida. He and his wife, live in a resort, complete with pools, a golf course, and everything we could want for a spring break trip in. Sounded perfect.

When I told my mom we were heading to Florida instead of Jersey she said, "yeah I wondered why the in the hell you'd want to freeze over spring break. And besides, you're a beach girl."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This one's for you, Krissie

I was chatting with my BFF Krissie last night and we chuckled at an old memory of ours. She said, "I don't throw in the towel. I don't do that. You know me. And I think it goes back to Disney World." At that point we both started laughing. A lot.

Here's the deal. Our sophomore year we were in Orlando for Spring Break. I am not kidding when I say I think there could have been a National Lampoons movie about our trip, but that's for another post. Any who, we're in Orlando and our friend Elise drives up from Tampa for supper that night. She brought a friend with her along for the ride. It happened to be my 20th birthday and we cooked supper: chicken pockets, broccoli and cheese rice, and I'm sure there was a vegetable and a dessert. After supper we all headed to some Disney World outdoor shopping pavilion. In case you're thinking about going, I'll go ahead and say, it's not that great.

So at some point while 7 of us are meandering through this less-than-stellar shopping place, Krissie and I get into a fight. It has been brewing the whole trip. She's being distant and to herself, and I'm sure my reaction to her wasn't anything to brag about. The fight goes something like this:

EA: Krissie, what's your problem?
Krissie: What are you talking about?
EA: You've been weird and distant this whole trip.
Krissie: Well...
EA: Well what?
Krissie: I don't know how to do this. I don't do this, EA!?!
EA: (At this point we both start yelling. And there may have been some arm flailing.) Don't do what?
Krissie: EA, I don't like to be friends with girls. I don't know how. Boys are easier to hang out with. And I hate going on trips with girls. Ugh!
EA: Well, I'm sorry. But we're friends. So what are you saying?
Krissie: I don't know how to do this!
EA: Well, are you saying you don't want to be friends anymore?
Krissie: I don't know.
EA: Well, let me tell you something, Krissie. Friends stick it out. They fight and they get over it. So you make up your mind right now. Do you want to walk away? Because if you do, we won't be friends any more. Your call!
Krissie: Ugh!

At this point Krissie doesn't affirm me in wanting to be my friend BUT she doesn't walk away. Let me tell you, the car ride was just as fun as the fight. Ha. But the thing is...she didn't walk away. And we've been good friends ever since. Better friends since then. And even better friends since we graduated. I love that.  I love that I can call her anytime and tell her the worst things about myself and I know that she'll still be my friend.  And love me.  And love me WELL. 

And it is probably my most favorite fight I've ever had. One, its really fun to re-enact. Two, I learned a lot.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday's sermon was really good.  Thought I'd share:

God gets exasperated with us when we forget the heart of the gospel = that we cannot save ourselves and we have to depend on the Lord. Satan tells us we are failures, bad Christians, not good enough, and have blown our faith, etc...basically wanting us to condemn ourselves by having us forget the heart of the gospel. It is not about what we do for the Lord; rather, it is about if we are grateful for what the Lord has done for us. We have been crucified with Christ and therefore it is no longer about us; we don't have to earn His love and favor because He has already given it to us. Often times we think, "if I'm good enough, smart enough, rich enough, etc., then I'll be ok. I'll be right enough for Jesus." But Jesus was right enough for us. It is done.

Does your self esteem depend on yourself or the heart of the gospel? [For example, when I heard this sermon I kept thinking how I was all alone at church and felt super ugly. Because I was so focused on myself.] Galatians 3:3 says, "Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?" If we begin in the Holy Spirit, then we are to end in the Holy Spirit, and not by our own human endeavors. We know that God finishes what He starts. When we try to work out God's will on our own strength, we fail. Often times, when we become a Christian, it's all about our faith and the Holy Spirit. But then we continue on to do life and we try to do it ourselves. We tend to worry and forget about Jesus.

It is really easy to take the first step in faith and the second step in personal reliance. In starting a new job, moving, a new ministry, etc. Things get hard because life is hard; the world is not an easy place. In fact, the Christian life isn't hard; it is impossible. It is impossible when we do it on our own. We are only able through Christ.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Boob Tube

I had a marathan of TV watching last're welscome ABC.

It started out with The Deep End.  I've been excited for this show to air because it looks just like Grey's, but takes place in a law firm, rather than a hospital.  And I'm much more geared towards law than medicine.  The show did not dissapoint.  Sure, it was pretty much identical to the Grey's pilot, even down to the mean character with a less-than-flattering nickname.  But I liked the characters and will continue to watch.  Thanks, ABC, for making another show I can get addicted to. 

Grey's Anatomy came on next and it did not fall short.  McSteamy pissed me off, I fell more in love with the post it, and am still hoping things work out for Izzie and Alex.  Christina has always and will always be my favorite character and I really like her with Owen, so of course I was stoked when he confronted her in her apartment. 

Private Practice was intense.  I'm not sure what I would do if I got knocked up right now (at the age of 26) and I sure as hell don't know what I would do if my 15 year old daughter got knocked up.  I think Naomi will figure it out.  And, dear Cooper, please grow up and realize that Charlotte is good for you.  The end.

As if 3 hours wasn't enough, I caught up on this weeks episode of Modern Family.  Once again, the show had me laughing out loud.  I just love it! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gone and Done It...

Some of you may remember that I am struggling with AA.  I still am.  So after much toil and internal debate, yesterday I ordered Proactive.  I figured it can't get any worse and there's a 60 day money back guarantee.  It should be here in less than a week and I hope it's exactly what I need. 

This is the testimonial that pushed me to make the purchase:

"Until the age of 35 I had perfect skin, then came adult acne. The doc had me try various prescriptions, all of them expensive with so-so results. This went on for over 10 years until I finally switched to Proactive. Immediately my skin felt cleaner, lighter, and smoother, and in just a few weeks it was 100% blemish free! In a momentary lapse of reason, I let my Proactive products run out, and sure enough, the lumps and redness came back. Grrr. I won't let that happen again!"

Fingers crossed that it works as well for me as it did for her! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well Rested

Last night I was asleep by 9:00 PM and it was a-mazing.  I can't remember the last time that happened.  Of course I still didn't want to get up at 6:00 AM this morning...but it was much more bearable with a full night of sleep.  Putting on a cute outfit didn't hurt either.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super Fabulous Wonderful Weekend

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I had yesterday off. A three day weekend is kinda like magic. And I love them.

I headed to Spartanburg on Friday after work. My HLP made an awesome supper that did not let me down. Barefoot's chicken picatta and a delicious salad were devoured.

After cooking breakfast on Saturday and lounging around we made the executive decision to head to Charlotte. Mrs. Shelton joined us and it made for quite the awesome day. We started off perusing Mary Jo's Cloth store. It is the Wal-Mart of fabric stores. Huge does not begin to describe the immense amounts of fabrics they sell, all at discount prices. And the clientele made for some amazing people watching. I guess you could say people watching is my hobby, so I was delighted.

Then we headed to land of Swedish furniture, also known as IKEA. Have you been? No? I suggest you get in your car and head up there! It. Was. Awesome. We walked around for several hours enjoying every minute of it. There are so many showrooms and cool things to look at. All of the chairs I sat in were comfortable and the beds were like tiny pieces of heaven. They even had a food court! And free childcare. Pending I get married and have kids, I just found the perfect date spot. Head to IKEA, drop the kids off, shop with your man, get great does that sound? I deemed IKEA the "United Nations of Furniture" because there were all colors, shapes, ages, etc...all loving the Swedish furniture. If I ever own a home, I plan to take full advantage of their good looking, affordable, comfortable, and practical home decor.

Then we headed to Trader Joe's. I mean, let's be honest, food is where my heart is. Of all the grocery stores I've been to, it is by far the best. You can get awesome, more healthy food, for less. Lots of organic food. Cool packaging. Funky, yet delicious products. For less than than normal grocery store prices. How does that work? I'm not fully sure, but I think it is a crying shame there's not one in SC. I purchased the following:
  • Joe's O's (think Cheerios)
  • 2 bags of chips. (do NOT think Lay's. think vegetables. think flax seed. think super tasty.)
  • Spicy Peach salsa (it is amazing.)
  • Dark chocolate covered edemame (haven't tried and sad that I forgot to bring them to work today.)
  • Toasted crackers with nuts and seeds on them (again, waiting in anticipation to try.)
  • 2 bottles of red wine.
ALL of this for like $22. I know. It's fabulous! Unfortunately, we didn't have a cooler to stock up on refrigerated items. Next time...

We ate at a fun and fancy Mexican restaurant and headed home. Good times were had by all.

Sunday, we heard a good sermon that really encouraged me to do something I'd been putting off. I did it and I think the Lord has already blessed it. I took Sullivan (the best dog in the world) on a delightful walk. And our friend Jacqueline came for supper and to spend the night. Another fantastic meal consisting of: goat cheese with cranberries and crackers as an appetizer (go Costco!), chicken with pesto, mashed sweet potatoes, zucchini carpachhio, and a salad. And these super yummy Weight Watchers ice cream bars for dessert. It was fun catching up and watching Sunday Night TV (Desperate, Brothers & Sisters, an awards show) with Jacqueline.

The day off allowed me to see some good friends. Monday morning I headed over to the Lightcaps house. Frances and I had several hours to catch up on our lives. I've known Frances since my freshman year at PC, and I'm consistently blown away by her. I was trying to think of a word to sum her up, but I can't. She has good insight, is humble, is calming, sassy, honest, resembles Jesus, and much more. It's also really fun to see her be a wife and a mom to three of the cutest, most fun kids I've ever met. The girls are a trip and I love watching them be what they are -- little girls. The tiny male is content and adorable and let me feed him. My right arm was sore this morning when I woke up!

Before coming Back to Charleston, I stopped off in Columbia to see Jenn and Nicole (again!) and meet Ryan (also known as Jenn's new beau). It was fun to see them and be with them and get to know Ryan a little more. I felt like I already knew him, but its good to put flesh with stories. Thankful for our time together!

On the drive home I was thinking how different this trip was then the similar drive home from Spartanburg with a stop in Cola a few months ago. It is neat to see how the Lord has calmed my heart and given me a peace about where He has me now.

The only downer of the weekend was not getting home until almost 11 pm. I'm basically worthless at work today. But it was well worth it!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I stayed up way too late with some good friends last night and hence I'm fighting to keep my eyes open at work today...but it was worth it.

My dear friends Jenn and Nicole were in town. When asked how we knew each other the response went something like this:

We all went to PC together. Nicole and I lived together one summer in college. Then I moved in with Jenn after college. And Nicole lived with us for a month. Then after several years, I moved out and a few months after that Nicole moved into my old room. And they still live together now.

It's fun thinking back on how friendships develop and grow over time. Thankful for them!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

You might think I was blonde...

Last night I was driving home after meeting a friend to enjoy a succulent margarita. Any who...I was driving home and saw the sign outside of CVS. "We have HINI shots." I said to myself, " come get a shot in the ass? What?" THEN I realized it was H1N1. Awesome. And I'm a natural brunette. Never died my hair. Not even once.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


That I am safe and sound yesterday and today, thus far.  When things like huge earthquakes happen in a terribly poor country, it's hard for me not to ask "Why?"  But I've seen enough of the Lord to know His ways are best and He does have plans -- for His glory.  Even if I can't understand or fathom them.

I stumbled upon this blog -- from a missionary family in Haiti.  It gives their perspective on life during the quake, and in Haiti in general.

And the Lord will guide you continually ans satisfy your desire in the scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.  -- Isaiah 58:11

Morning Laugh

Over work emails with a man I've never met...

EA: I know this isn't what you'd like to hear and I'm sorry. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Doctor: I suppose from a management point of view, a company doesn’t want to accept risk for any objects that aren’t in the company’s inventory. I could be Usher, and have a million dollars worth of stuff in my office.
EA: You are correct. And if you were would most likely be on tour and not here... :)
Doctor: If I were Usher, I could sing better.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Book

I started reading What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell (another book my brother and his fiance gave me for Christmas). So far, I'm really enjoying it. Gladwell is a writer for the The New Yorker and this book is a compilation of his favorite New Yorker stories. The first one was on Ron Popeil -- the infamous infomercial dude. Well written and interesting story.

The preface has this:
Why is a two year old so terrible? Because she is systematically testing the fascinating, and to her, utterly novel notion that something that gives her pleasure might not actually give someone else pleasure -- and the truth is that as adults we never lose that fascination.

It really struck me. Just like a two year old, I do this with Lord all the time. Yet more advanced than a two year old, I most likely know ahead of time that my actions will not give the Lord pleasure. Sometimes, though, I am still baffled by it, cannot understand it, or flat out dislike the fact that what I want to do is not what He wants me to do.  Here's hoping for of these days...

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Few Random Thoughts

One.  No bones about it, I am a summer time girl. The winter just isn't my season. I'll take a bathing suit and a beach or pool any day over coats and fires. This winter has been especially harsh all over the country, and I am already ready for it to be over. While I can't change the weather, I can change my blog layout to be more cheerful and reflective of spring and summer. So I did.  I think it's much more bright and fun and I makes me smile.

Two.  My dad was in a car accident last week. He went to the hospital and had x-rays taken; praise the Lord he is ok. On some meds and sore. I went to visit him (and mom) on Saturday. We got a fun surprise when my Granddaddy and Uncle Joe came! They wanted to see/check on dad and stayed for supper before they drove back to Wilmington. My grandfather is just so funny and cute; it was great treat to see them for a little bit.

Three.  Yesterday's sermon was on Luke 3:21-22, "Now when all the people were baptized, and when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heavens were opened, and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form, like a dove; and a voice came from heaven, 'You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.'”

The thing that sticks out the most to me is that the Father was well pleased with Jesus BEFORE He started His personal ministry. The Father is just pleased with us because we are His. Not because of what we do or don't do. That's not an excuse to do or not do soemthing we are called to, but it is an invitation to rest and be comfortable (not complacent) with the Lord. I am amazed that He loves me just because I am me.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Funny

Last night before bed:

MC (my roommate): EA, what are you up to this weekend?
Me: Staying here. My friend Weston is coming to stay Friday night.
MC: Oooh, is that a boy?
Me: Yes, but it's not like that.
MC: Oh.

Perhaps one day it will be like that?!?!

Taking Twitter

to a Whole New Level.

Apparently Ford may start making cars that verbally give you Tweets while you're in the car.  As obsessed as I have become with Twitter, I'm thinking this might be over the top...but it might save lives or spare you from getting in an accident due to updating manually. 

What will they come up with next?!?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am ashamed to be human.  And all the more thankful for God's grace and redemptive work in His people.

Mom Knows Best

If you've ever eaten at my mom's house, you know that I did not grow up in a "healthy home."  Until college my weekly meals often consisted of fried pork chops (at least once a week), friend chicken, friend seafood, country ham steaks, steak (about once a week), etc.  Almost every meal included mashed potatoes or white rice.  And there was a gravy with everything.  I mean everything.  Veggetables were canned...ecxept for okra and squash in the summer...and you guessed it, they were fried! 

Don't get me wrong, her food is quite tasty.  I love it!  But I have tried to eat a bit healthier since I went out into the world on my own.  One, its healthier.  Two, its easier to toss chicken in the oven then to fry it.  Three, while I'm not a bad frier, my fried food isn't quite as good as mom' time I hope it will be.  And ok, my shrimp are just as good.  :)

My brother on the other hand, eats pretty healhy.  Lots of organic stuff and vegetables and the likes.  He also runs.  Whatever.  One time he was home for a week and asked my mom to buy reduced-fat mayonaise.  Her response, "I'm not going to do that.  You're not even home long enough for it to make a differnce.  You need to chill out."

A bit of background here:  My mom does not do condiments.  At all.  Like, she hates touching them and she's not afraid to tell you so.  However, when she and my dad got engaged she was told that she would have to buy Duke's mayo.  And only Duke's.  I grew up with it and love it and think it is the best mayo in the world.  And I always buy Duke's. 

I am out and have been using sour cream on my sandwhiches instead of mayo and its surprisingly not bad...but it was time for mayo.  Yesterday in the grocery store I saw the Duke's.  On sale!  And I thought I'd go ahead and try the low fat Duke's.  Why not?  Made my sandwich this morning.  Tried the low fat version.  It.  Is.  Not.  The.  Same. 

Turns out, mom is right. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

That Freak Book

My brother and his fiance gave me some clothes and some books for Christmas. I was pretty pumped abuot all of them! I started reading one of the books and am loving it so far! SuperFreakonomics is the sequel to Freakonomics. I didn't read the first one, but have heard only good things and would like to read it ASAP.

One author is an Economics professor at The University of Chicago (one of, if not the, the greatest economic schools in the world) and the other is a journalist. Together, they bring economics into real world situations and I find it fascinating. The book is easy to read and makes you think about every day situations in new lights. I highly recommend it for anyone.

And I just found out they have a blog!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

25 - 30 To Do List

I like crossing things off lists and so I like goals. I like the feeling of accomplishment. One night over a burrito at Moe's, a friend and I made up a list of things we'd each like to do in the next five years. I was just about to turn 25 and so my 25-30 list was born. I'd like to make a new to do list every five years or so, just to keep things interesting. Due to popular request, ok, one person's request, I have decided to publish it for y'all (all 3 of you).
Now as much as I like lists and goals, I am aware that things change. It hasn't even been two years since I made this list out, and I can see how I changed in certain areas. I've added notes to most items...enjoy!
  1. Go to Boston -- DONE! And had a blast! So beautiful, yet so chilly!
  2. Go to Austin, TX -- Still want to do!
  3. Go to Seattle/Portland -- Still want to do!
  4. Cooking lessons -- Still want to do!
  5. Get my Masters degree -- DONE! And LOVED!
  6. Read Pilgrims Progress -- 2/3 done; lost interest. Hopefully I'll pick this up again.
  7. Give something I cherish away -- DONE!
  8. Buy one pair of expensive shoes: designer, at least $250 -- I'd still like to make this purchase, but my money might be better used elsewhere. I'm still hoping to win the lottery. But I suppose you have to buy a ticket for that to happen?!?
  9. Buy a house -- Depending on what I'm doing in my life. This is the one thing I don't want to do as a single lady. Hopefully, I'll find a boy that likes this and he'll put a ring on it and we'll buy a house. Not ruling it out...but I realized I've never mowed a lawn before and I don't have any desire to start. We'll see.
  10. See a movie by myself -- Totally achievable...I just haven't yet.
  11. Share the gospel with Dad -- Still want to do!
  12. Find a job that I'm passionate about -- Still want to do!
  13. Take a midnight train going anywhere (with Aimee) -- Not sure if this will happen. I'm ok with that. But I would like to do something random and ridiculous nonetheless. Anyone game to join me?
  14. Read a Pat Conroy book -- DONE! And LOVED!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010!

I welcomed 2010 with a very laid back evening. It was nice. The next day was laid back as well, but included a trip to the beach. To walk, not lay out. There is something so refreshing and renewing about the beach, especially on New Year's Day. I loved it.

Some things I'm looking forward to in 2010:
  • Turning 27. Ok, I am kind of dreading moving into my late 20's. But, Lord willing, it is going to happen whether I like it or not. So why not be happy about it?
  • A Charleston summer! Beach, fishing, and being tan!
  • My brother's wedding.
  • Potential weddings of some really good friends. No pressure guys! Haha.
  • Finding a church home in Charleston.
  • Hopefully knocking some things off my 25-30 to do list.
  • Having a more positive outlook on life.